JSYN Mixby fitz ambro$e ICASEA Select series JSYN Mix by fitz ambro$e looks to be disappeared from the usual places. placed here in case anyone 2023/12/18

NP rwwsNovation Peak raw waveforms reference audio playback of Novation Peak raw waveforms sec1 sawtooth, 1 oscillator, 8’ sawtooth, 2 oscillators, 2nd at 2023/10/30

June 2022 self 2023/7/15

MegaFM videothat idea became the track ombre on the MegaFM patch, in a more evolved/modified version, is included at the below Sysex Bank link 2023/7/15

play audiorandom bit test post for audio playback with unreleased recording 2022/3/3

dreamhaving dreams of finding lost beats left on a public keyboard and tweaking them into something of my own. nerd even in my sleep 2022/1/8